Dynamic organisations need a broad range of advisory services to support their ambition and growth. 

As your business grows, our advisory services are designed to help you achieve your goals. Successful growth often means navigating a complex array of opportunities, challenges and risks. 

Our Advisory


Grant Thornton Bermuda offers a broad range of actuarial services spanning life insurance, non-life insurance, and health insurance. Offering actuarial expertise and integrated services across the evolving data analytics and modelling universe, Grant Thornton’s team of experts and strong international network can provide a range of solutions tailored to your actuarial requirements.

Business Risk Services

Grant Thornton can help your organisation successfully manage risk, while embracing innovation and harnessing the right technology to deliver effective customer centric solutions tailored to your specific needs.


The Grant Thornton FS Consulting team have a wealth of experience across a wide range of issues. From banks to insurance companies, the FS Consulting team have branched into all areas of Financial Services. Our FS Consulting team can help you with an array of issues, and guide you through the journey.

Corporate Finance

Grant Thornton’s Corporate Finance team has built up a vast range of experience providing a range of transaction, valuation, deal advisory and restructuring services to clients for the past two decades.

Data Analytics

Grant Thornton has the expertise required to ensure you succeed in your analytics proposition. We combine excellent technical skills in data analytics and machine learning, with a deep understanding of your business and the insurance industry.

Digital Risk

Grant Thornton provides a range of solutions to the digital risk issues facing organisations today. Our highly-qualified and experienced security experts can assist by advising you on your specific requirements, giving you peace of mind that your cyber risks are minimised.

Digital Transformation

Our Digital Transformation team works closely with business leaders to develop and deliver digital strategies and operating models (enterprise-wide, specific functions or shared services) providing new or enhanced capabilities, while driving efficiency.


Grant Thornton’s cross-functional, dynamic team of specialists can help with your FinTech needs. Whether in supporting existing market participants looking to innovate in products and services, or new entrants seeking to upscale their FinTech businesses within the complex financial services environment, we have the solution for you.

Forensic Accounting

Organisations may undergo some type of dispute or internal investigation during their lifetime. Our Forensic Accounting team can seek evidence that can make the difference between finding the truth or being left in the dark.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a goal setting framework that helps teams, individuals and organisations set and track measurable goals. At Grant Thornton we understand the highly competitive and increasingly demanding environment in which your organisation operates, along with constant pressures to grow and innovate.

People and Change Consulting

Grant Thornton engages with clients to effectively build and implement the learning, development and career progression frameworks necessary to attract and retain first-rate talent in today’s dynamic workplace.

Prudential Risk

Our Prudential Risk Advisory Team of specialists engages with clients on a broad range of issues within the financial services sector, developing and implementing tailored strategies to manage and mitigate many types of financial risk.

Quantitative Risk Services

Our Quantitative Risk team comprises more than 20 specialists educated to postgraduate level in relevant disciplines including Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science and Econometrics.


Grant Thornton is a leading provider of insolvency and corporate recovery solutions.

Sustainability Desk

Grant Thornton’s team of experts provides a wide range of sustainability solutions, combining our knowledge of sustainability with our deep experience in providing professional services.

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