Companies engaged in complex deals require clear, unequivocal advice if they are to proceed with confidence.

Why Grant Thornton?

Grant Thornton’s Corporate Finance team has built up a vast range of experience providing a range of transaction, valuation, deal advisory and restructuring services to clients for the past two decades.

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Transaction services

We provide the full suite of transaction services including financial, taxation, operational and IT due diligence. We carry out due diligence on target companies, both buy side and sell side vendor due diligence, for financial risks and weaknesses and make recommendations for their mitigation. We work with our colleagues in the consulting arm of the firm to deliver a rich operational due diligence offering. Finally, a key element of the service is to ensure the deal is optimally structured from a tax perspective and that, falling out of our due diligence findings, sufficient protections are incorporated into the transaction documentation.

Deal Advisory

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The nature of valuations has become increasingly complex in recent years as companies reorganise and restructure in line with changing tax and reporting obligations, along with the impact of acquisitions and disposals. This has led to many high profile changes in the location of substance for many major corporations with an attendant requirement for purchase price allocations and other valuation issues. This has become a major part of our Corporate Finance business of late.

Corporate restructuring

While the perception may be that corporate restructuring activity has almost disappeared from the landscape, this is far from the case. Grant Thornton has built a vast well of expertise and experience in this area over the years. We offer a solutions-driven service where we examine the issues involved and identify remedies which deliver the most positive outcome for as many stakeholders as possible.


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Partner - Head of Advisory Services
Andrew Howie
Andrew Howie
Partner - Head of Advisory Services
Andrew Howie