Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a goal setting framework that helps teams, individuals and organisations set and track measurable goals. The OKRs approach transforms aspiration into reality and is becoming one of the most prevalent strategic frameworks in today’s world. Some of the common scenarios that companies may face include:

  • 'business as usual' culture that can often result in new opportunities being missed
  • geographically spread teams could potentially result in employees lacking clarity on how their individual work contributes to the overall shared vision; or
  • companies that experience rapid growth / operate in a rapidly changing environment may find it challenging to scale up or adapt.

While the list is not exhaustive, adopting this framework into your organisation can bring about a much-needed transformational change leading to increased accountability and a focused approach to management strategy.

Why Grant Thornton?

Grant Thornton can mobilize and implement OKRs within your organisation, leveraging the best in class technology platforms to enhance performance. Our dedicated OKRs team are familiar with the complex issues facing organisations in strategy setting and have developed relevant thought leadership; robust and sustainable solutions to address these challenges. Our experience and understanding of the multi-faceted OKRs methodology has led us to provide a six-fold integrated service offering to improve strategy execution capabilities.

At Grant Thornton, we understand the highly competitive and increasingly demanding environment in which your organisation operates, along with constant pressures to grow and innovate. Adapting to the OKRs platform provides the benefits of strategic focus, an aligned framework, transparency across the entity, ensures employee engagement and improves accountability.

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Partner - Head of Advisory Services
Andrew Howie
Andrew Howie
Partner - Head of Advisory Services
Andrew Howie
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