Updated 08 March 2023

Grant Thornton Bermuda1 is committed to maintaining an open culture with the highest standards of honesty and accountability where our employees are encouraged to speak up if they have any concerns in confidence. In that context Grant Thornton Bermuda has a whistleblowing policy that applies to all of our employees and extends to partners, principals, board members, trainees and job applicants.

Under the policy an employee (or other relevant stakeholders as specified in the policy) is entitled to “speak up” – raise concerns or disclose information which relates to wrongdoing, illegal practices or unethical conduct – without fear of penalisation or threat of less favourable treatment, discrimination or disadvantage.

While such concerns can be reported via pre-existing reporting lines they may also be raised (with the option of doing so anonymously) through our whistleblowing reporting system (Navex Ethics Point).

For further details on what comes under (and does not come under) the scope of this policy and whistleblowing reporting, and on the handling of such reports, are set out in the policy.

Our whistleblowing reporting channels are not intending for and should not be used to raise complaints relating to the quality of Grant Thornton Bermuda services.

See our full Whistleblowing Policy [ 67 kb ]

Link to the our Whistleblowing reporting system (Navex Ethics Point) - http://grant-thornton-ireland.ethicspoint.com/ 

(Online form plus ROI, Northern Ireland & Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Bermuda phone lines.)

1 Please note that Grant Thornton Bermuda includes Grant Thornton (Bermuda) Limited and Grant Thornton Advisory (Bermuda) Limited. Please also note that this policy (and associated reporting channels) do not relate to other global Grant Thornton entities that have their own parallel policies, processes and reporting channels.