Global developments in international tax | Pillar Two and interest limitation rules

Andrew Howie
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The international tax landscape is undergoing a period of unprecedented change which will impact many multinational groups.

Our panel of international tax experts discuss the key international tax developments relevant to global businesses, with a particular focus on the following topics:

  • Pillar Two (global minimum tax)
  • Interest limitation rules
  • Other significant recent international tax developments

The speakers for this event include:

  • Vikas Vasal – Global Head of Tax, Grant Thornton International
  • Peter Vale – Tax Partner, Grant Thornton Ireland
  • David Sites – Tax Partner, Grant Thornton US
  • Matt Stringer – Tax Partner, Grant Thornton UK
  • Christina Busch – Tax Partner, Grant Thornton Germany
  • Jacob Mook – Tax Partner, Grant Thornton Netherlands
  • Sujay Paul – Chartered Accountant, India