Many organisations are faced with disputes or internal investigations in the course of doing business.

Grant Thornton’s team of forensic professionals can get to the bottom of the problem, finding evidence that can bring the truth to light. In increasingly uncertain times, our forensic experts have targeted solutions for a range of challenges facing today’s business. We have a full suite of service offerings covering:

Our philosophy demands that our offering to clients is not only responsive and innovative, but also offers value for money. Grant Thornton operates with a high level of partner involvement and a culture that aims for client satisfaction at every stage.

Why Grant Thornton?

How we implement cutting-edge IT sets us apart from many of our competitors. The seamless integration of IT forensics, e-discovery and data analysis into our tried and trusted methodologies, in addition to largescale investments in our  units, provides clients with bespoke advice in helping them overcome challenges across the board.  Ranging from an emerging crisis to the implementation of remedial solutions, we offer a full suite of services covering expert dispute resolution, fraud and regulatory investigations, (re)insurance solutions and digital forensics.

Grant Thornton’s expertise in digital forensics is unique. Although clients vary in size and by sector from multinationals and SMEs to private individuals, they all demand a responsive and timely solution tailored to their specific challenges.

When an issue does arise, we can resolve issues as quickly and effectively as possible through leveraging our strong global network of specialists, calling upon the skills and experience of our Grant Thornton Forensic Accounting teams internationally. Through this network, we offer global coverage with a local touch.

Our Forensic Accounting Solutions

Asset tracing

Grant Thornton have worked with banks and other creditors to identify assets that may have been sold, transferred, undervalued or undisclosed to the bank by a borrower in an attempt to defeat any potential claim against same.

Digital forensics

Our digital forensic team help clients with computer and technology misuse, fraud and tampering. We have helped organisations recover information such as user activity, deleted files and passwords from various devices holding digital information.

Expert Witness

The Forensic and Investigation Team leverage from past experiences to provide clients with professional support at all stages of a dispute. We specialise in providing expert witness on economic losses and in cases of dispute where advisory services are required.

Forensic Data Analytics

Grant Thornton can provide both proactive and reactive Forensic Data Analytics to meet your requirements. Forensic Data Analytics is embedded by our team on all tasks we carry out from investigations and expert witness assignments.


Grant Thornton’s eDiscovery services utilises technology and infrastructure wholly owned by Grant Thornton. Not only can our clients have complete confidence that there data is 100% secure and beyond the reach of external parties, Grant Thornton can also provide bespoke services.

Fraud and Regulatory Investigations

The vast experience of the Grant Thornton Forensic and Investigations team is one of many differencing factors when our service offering is compared to other providers in the market. We integrate digital forensic, eDiscovery and data analysis techniques into the methodologies of all investigations carried out.

Fraud Risk Assessment

Our team provide a comprehensive Fraud risk Assessment offering to clients. We incorporate the latest forensic technology and data analytics tools on all engagements. We leverage of past experiences of frauds to provide clients with a detailed assessment that adds add value to their business. In addition, our team help clients are as they implement corrective actions to deter against potential risks identified.

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Partner - Head of Advisory Services
Andrew Howie
Andrew Howie
Partner - Head of Advisory Services
Andrew Howie